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Career - Enthusiastic, Logical & Skilled ??

if you're any kind of digital freak from music to work, from logics to stupidity. We want people who are Young, Energetic, Logical & have crave for leadership. We don't need political heroes, we have got too many of them enjoying in our country. It's very likely that you would want a job at ibizlab at some point in your work-life.

You will be given full chillaxing environment & a state of mind and power to feel and relax. Here we will push you to bring out what all you have and enhance yourself. Before you apply, here are some things you absolutely must know:

  • Cover important & cool things about you.
  • Don't send conventional Resumes.
  • Jot down points which you are good at. Write your skills in priorities to your Excellency.
  • Remember to drop your social links.
  • Subject Lines can give you a break or even break you.

We ARE however looking for mad passionate copywriters, graphic artists, flash junkies, web geeks, technologists, people who 'get' social media and other such animals.

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